Model a 3D face in under a minute…
and quickly animate without any need for
rigging, morphing, key-framing or motion capture.

“It's more than innovative software, it's a revolution! It gives 3d artists the tools to create realistic human face models from photographs in a few seconds, automatically create a flawless and high-quality mesh quickly, and then easily animate the created models with realistic facial expressions. You can load your speech audio, and produce pretty much unconstrained combinations of mouth shapes and expressions immediately.”
- Giulia Ferrando  Director, yLAn Studios

“’Realistic 3D facial animation without rigging, morphing and MoCap’. It sounded too good to be true. Then I downloaded and played with NaturalFront IntuitivePro (NFI). Surprise after Surprise! I can model a 3D face from one or more photos. What surprised me the most was its animation – you can set a pose to whatever you like very intuitively with a few clicks, and animation is fully automated.”
- Michael Bitsakis  Founder, GDRS Animation Studios 

 “Nowhere else can I find such a powerful combination of the speed of production and performance of the end result!” -
-Paul Lee  Founder & CEO, Cannysage Studios

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