The most sophisticated, efficient and intuitive 3D facial animation solution substantially saving you both time and money

Calling all Animators: Sick of spending months creating 3D facial animations?

No professional animator needs to be told that 3D animation is a demanding process.

  • Creating 3D facial animations is tough.
  • Creating realistic 3D facial animations is even tougher.
  • Thus, it must be impossible to produce good 3D facial animations quickly and cheaply?

Well, NaturalFront is about to prove you dead wrong. NaturalFront IntuitivePro is a brand new piece of software designed and developed with the professional animator in mind. The sophisticated algorithms built into the NaturalFront software enable realistic 3D facial animations to be produced quickly, easily and with automation a fundamental part of the process.

With Natural Front’s IntuitivePro, 3D facial animation has
  • No Need for Rigging
  • No Need for Morphing
  • No Need for Key-Framing
  • No Need for Motion Capture

Utilizing a disruptive technology that is fundamentally unique in 3D modelling and animation, NaturalFront software is simply the slickest and most time efficient way to do 3D facial animation. At the initial phase of our revolutionary journey, our current beta software mainly targets small-to-medium 3D studios, freelance professionals and educational institutes. For large studios, this release should also be very useful during pre-visualization. As our software is well on our way to become also the most capable solution, future releases will be able to meet any of your tough demands.

Don’t believe us? Just check out the latest NaturalFront IntuitivePro


All demos presented here have been fully automated using nothing but our intuitive software package. That is right, in creating the animation, neither rigging, nor morphing, nor key-framing, nor mocap is used. Just imagine how fast we can evolve without the heavy burden of these time-consuming, trial-and-error tasks! That is why our software is not only very intuitive to our users, but also intuitive for us to continuously improve, leaving the competitors wondering how come we have the unfair advantage!

NaturalFront opens up and enables your creativity and talent, and makes the process of 3D facial animation fast and efficient into the bargain. Achieve better results much quicker and cheaper.

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NaturalFront IntuitivePro for Professional Animators:

  • Highly Intuitive
  • Fully Automated
  • Realistic results
  • Affordable
  • And No Need for Motion Capture

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News and Updates

NaturalFront IntuitivePro 2.1 released
This release mainly targets small-to-medium 3D studios, freelance professionals and education institutes to vastly improve the speed and cut the cost of 3D facial animation. For large studios, this release should also be very useful during pre-visualization. Version 2.1 creates and exports the 3D face model in quad-meshes. more
USPTO has authorized one of our patent applications
For the patent portfolio covering the disruptive 3D algorithms, one patent application has been examined by the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and granted as US 8,555,164. more


I'm an animator with 15 years of professional experience in video game development and film. Natu
Paul Lee  Founder & CEO, Cannysage Studios, Norwalk, CA 90650 USA
Having worked in 3D animation for years made me initially skeptical about NaturalFront’s claim “real
Michael Bitsakis  Founder, GDRS Animation Studios, Thessaloniki, Greece
I have more than 20 years of experience in Japan’s VFX industry. I think the premise is really int
Mitsuru Kouzai  President & CEO, StudioGX Inc, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo, Japan 155-0032
It's more than innovative software, it's a revolution! It gives 3d artists the tools to create reali
Giulia Ferrando  Director, yLAn Studios, Peschiera Borromeo, MI, Italy

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