Uniquely efficient 3D facial animation solution built on a breakthrough 3D technology

Whether you're a professional animator or an enthusiastic amateur, you'll know already that producing realistic 3D human facial animation is horrendously difficult, painfully slow and incredibly expensive.

Actually, it isn't. Not anymore.

  • Cost-Effective
  • Professional Results
  • Quick & Easy to Use

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NaturalFront has developed a brand new patent-pending piece of software
designed to make life-like 3D facial animation simple

- and it works for complete amateurs, top-level professionals and everybody in between.

New to 3D? Check out
NaturalFront Easy Motion
Already Animating? Check our
NaturalFront Intuitive Pro

NaturalFront makes realistic 3D human facial animation a dream come true, and even though it lets you finish more than twice the work in less than half the time, the results are absolutely fantastic.

Don't believe it's possible to hit close to big-screen quality without the big-screen price tag? Why not give our beta version a whirl today and tell us what you think - we're sure you'll be hooked! Start animating with us today, with:

  • No Need for Rigging
  • No Need for Morphing
  • No Need for Key-Framing
  • No Need for Motion Capture
  • …Just Automated Stand-Alone Software with Unlimited Potential

And that's not all...

...we have the capacity to adapt & evolve at breakneck speed based on your direct feedback!

You see, traditional animation software relies on manpower... NaturalFront relies on nothing but its automated algorithms (and your creativity of course). So if you see something you'd like added or changed, let us know - because chances are, we can get your idea created and updated quickly.

And if you're still not convinced, check out our


- all made using nothing but NaturalFront's innovative and automated software. That is right, in creating the animation, neither rigging, nor morphing, nor key-framing, nor mocap is used. In addition, all the animation is created in real-time.

Excited by what you see? Get involved for FREE.

We're providing our beta-release free of charge for 30 days. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think. By providing feedback you'll even be entered into the draw to get free access for a year!

Get Animating On-Time and On-Budget Today.

News and Updates

NaturalFront IntuitivePro 2.0 released
This release targets small-to-medium studios and 3D professionals to vastly improve the speed of 3D facial animation. Let us know your feedback for chances to win free licenses and free updates! more
USPTO has authorized one of our patent applications
For the patent portfolio covering our revolutionary 3D algorithms, one patent application (pat. app. no. 10/862,396) has been examined by the United State Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and is now allowed to be issued as a patent. more